Envisage held its annual User Group Meeting this past week. There were a variety of attendees representing our clients, as well as 11 representatives of Envisage. The themes addressed at the meeting were the following:

· The need for data and the capability to analyze that data
· Technology no longer as the strategy, but now as a means to deliver that strategy
· More communications. More time together (talking, brainstorming, demos – client work efforts and EIS-driven efforts)

Other topics discussed were the goals that Envisage has for 2025, as well as Industry Updates and Buzzwords. The guest speaker, Jeffrey Wallis, spoke about how Financial Services companies need to start thinking like Technology companies.

Over the course of two-day meeting, the following active participation breakout sessions were offered:
1. The “NEW” Enveritus, led by Tim Zammett
2. Sponsor Needs in 2015 and beyond, led by Rob Snyder
3. TPA Payroll: A Deeper Look, led by Cathie Gaidos
4. Behavior Analytics, co-led by Rob Snyder and Tim Parsons
5. Technology and the Broker space, led by Christen Marsenison
6. Process, Agile, and Partnership, co-led by Jeremy Lambert and Linda Perry
7. Mobile Apps 2015 and Beyond, co-facilitated by the team
8. What are we missing? co-facilitated by the team

Our sincere thanks goes out to TIAA-CREF for allowing us to host this meeting on their campus in beautiful Charlotte, NC. Those of us from Northern-based companies definitely appreciated it. We also appreciate all the efforts of those who helped to make this event a success. Thank you!